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Access to Entrepreneurship course by cisco academy

This course will guide you to start a business through all the stages with several examples of real businesses:

Click here to access to the selfenrollement page or copy the following lik:

Launch the course by clicking here

Feel free to follow the course, inside it you can find an interesting  game that zill help you improving your entrepreneurial skills. This game is the CISCO ASPIRE GAME: to download the aspire game, go to student resources and install the app.

The aspire game will help you to:

  • Select a business strategy based on personal objectives.
  • Choose products and services to offer to customers such as maintenance contracts and reconditioned equipment.
  • Define target market and choose different types of advertising media.
  • Select an Internet service provider based on customer requirements.
  • Make budgeting decisions based on social criteria (charitable contributions, offering free services, etc.).
  • Take advantage of opportunities and bonus contracts.
  • Start a business.
  • Adjust to changing business conditions and react to customer demands.
  • Manage business resources such as inventory and cash flow.

Exercise with Augmented Reality


  • Let’s watch this video:
  • Now, could you describe what is happening?
  • Search a definition of “Augmented reality”
  • Take a look at the following video:
  • Find an example of Augmented reality such as Pokemon Go video game and explain how it works.

Aurasma Software – Augmented Reality

  • Download and install Aurasma / HP Reveal to your mobile phone
  • Create your account and confirm your email address
  • Let’s watch the following video:

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Create your own film Aurasma. Choose a picture and download a related video. You can use this web page: