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Beginning of the new survey workshop

Today, we began a new survey workshop. Our group is composed by 9 students and 2 teachers.

First, we have to make 3 different surveys about orientation (one for students, one for parents and the last one for teachers). To achieve it, we split in 3 different groups, one for each part of the survey.

We started this Thursday by seeking questions to put in our surveys.

Anaïs Charroin

Groups working on the open house day in France.

On Thursday the fourteenth December, we worked in three groups as we did before.

– The first one tried to translate the survey we did at the open house day in three languages : English, Spanish and German.

– In the second group, which is mine, we processed the survey. We used a spreadsheet and put all the results inside in order to have beautiful diagrams.

– The people of the last group worked on the French educational system. They have to make a quick presentation on this subject.

There is only one remaining session before the holidays so we have to be quick and efficient in our work.

Loan Goubier

New missions for the Open House Day group

Today, at first we presented and explicated to the Alumni’s group what we did at the open house day and how we organized it.

In a second part, each of the three subgroups received a new mission in relation with what they did for the open house day:
The subgroup charged of writing the satisfaction Survey is now in charge to enter the results of their Survey in a excel program. In order to be able to process it later, they have to adapt what they already did on excel to the answers of the free comment section on the survey.
The subgroup that had to take pictures and videos and do some interviews of teachers, school children and families for the open house day, now have to make a montage of it.
And the last subgroup charged of organizing the open house day, is now charged to be the translator group for all our productions.

Oumou-Lise Lo

Today, there were not many of us because some classes were not at school.

The teachers have told us that we will have to write a CV for the European Union and explained us how to do it. Then, a part of us started to process the results of the survey that we had done during the open house day. And it seems it is going to take quite a long time.

Another group has begun a presentation about the French education system. They have to build a short Powerpoint Presentation that they will present in Spain, so they started searching information, pictures, graphs, etc.



Organization of the French School Open House Day


Our work group, which is responsible for working on the School Open House Day, was split into three subgroups. For each subgroup there are three students.
The first subgroup, with people who will not be able to attend the Open House Day, is dealing with the survey about to be given on Saturday. Indeed, those surveys used over the past few years were not suitable for statistical analysis. So the group has made a new one which aimed at  simpler, quantifiable questions.
The second subgroup is taking care of the organization of the day. Quite simply, they will manage all the younger student guides to the school who will attend the School Open House Day. They have planned where the students should go and what they will have to show to the families who turn up.
In the third subgroup, we are supposed to make a report of Saturday, and in the order to do that, we have to interview people (teachers, school children, families…) and to take photos of the event. So I brought my camera along and we carried out the interviews. And of course we came up with a few questions we can put to people on Saturday.

Eden Mauranges

First meeting of our erasmus group in charge of the open house day

Today was the first meeting of our erasmus group in charge of the open house day.

We divided the different tasks up into three groups:

The first one will be in charge of writing a satisfaction survey wich will be held by the students present that day and filled by the attending families.

A second group will be in charge of taking pictures as well as videos of the OHD and started planning a storyboard.

Finally, the last group is organizing the day with younger guide students in order to make the whole thing going smoothly.

Thus, the students, supervised by the various teachers, began working and exchanging ideas on the different tasks.