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French students learn about WordPress and eTwinning

Today the French students learned about the WordPress blog and how to add a post.

They were also shown the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The students were divided into three work groups for the next few activities:

  1. Preparing and surveying the school’s Open Day
  2. Making a film about the school and the Erasmus+ project
  3. Making films and surveys at Old School Network forum

In each of these groups, there will be students whose responsibility it is to add a diary post.

Finally, the students were given their eTwinning accounts and for next week all the students have to update their profile picture and add a message to the Forum thread to introduce themselves and their expectations to the international group in English. Work has really started!

Today the French team of nine teachers presented the project for the first time to the 25+ students present.

The students were given the chance to candidate both for which of the three work groups they felt most suited to, as well as for which of the three foreign workshop destinations attracted them the most. Of course, the teachers will have to weigh up the needs of each group and activity, so not everyone will get their first choice. But still, we have to hope that European democracy still means something!

For the second part of the session, students took turns in chatting with the German team as part of a videoconference. While lack of preparation and stress made it hard for some of the French students, we were all impressed by the great language skills of the German students. Something for the French students to work towards!

France teachers meet to select student candidates

Today it was hard to see which of the candidates was most deserving: they all were!

The teachers were very encouraged to see so many motivated French students eager to be part of the new Erasmus+ project.

Many of the students have very different backgrounds and very different orientation plans, so the teachers were also keen to see how the group would gel together.

In all, around thirty students will be part of the project. Full steam ahead!

France: 1st teachers’ meeting

During our first teachers’ meeting on Thursday 31st August, the teachers in the French team set out the main points for the coming few weeks, including how to launch the project, which classes would be involved in the French lycée, as well as the time slot for the work sessions with students.

What devotion! The teachers were hard at work before the term had even started!