Interviews & picterviews

In the course of the so-called “founders‘ week“, a “day of entrepreneurship“ will take place at Gesamtschule Hardt on 25th Nov 2017 (school’s open day). On this occasion, alumni were invited to come to their former school and support future graduates in their career decision making process. The project will be prepared and realised by participants of the current Erasmus+ project “Developing and creating our future”. We are trying to answer the following question:
„Graduation – what comes next?“

In order to help all students in their career decision making process, the Erasmus Team prepared a two-hour long session, full of interesting and informative talks, interviews and portrait photography.

The alumni’s contact persons are 16 Erasmus participants who act as mentors and prepare and carry out the interviews.

Alumni, who study at university, do an apprenticeship, work at a company, or those who are self-employed, are invited to give advice to high-school graduates. They are going to share their experience regarding academic studies and carrying out a profession. The wide range of professional fields makes this project appeal to any student and even covers self-employment and business formation, e.g. start-up companies.

For those students who do not plan to go to university or do an apprenticeship directly after their graduation, we offer information on voluntary social or ecological years, voluntary services or gap years.

Our session will not only be informative for future graduates, but will also provide our alumni with the opportunity to get in touch and socialise with their former teachers and fellow students.

After the talks and interviews, the alumni will be invited to take part in a professional photo interview – a so-called “picterview”. A picterview is an interview that goes without words (see for more information). Answers will be given solely in the form of gestures and facial expression.

Our aim is to make career choice more personal, target-group-specific and authentic in order to arouse curiosity and motivate students intrinsically to create their own future actively. All picterviews will be published in our school magazine and on our social media sites.