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Welcome to our new WordPress site for Creating and Developing Your Future. This Erasmus+ project links students and teachers from four different countries in Europe: France, Germany, Poland and Spain.

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France teachers meet to select student candidates

Today it was hard to see which of the candidates was most deserving: they all were!

The teachers were very encouraged to see so many motivated French students eager to be part of the new Erasmus+ project.

Many of the students have very different backgrounds and very different orientation plans, so the teachers were also keen to see how the group would gel together.

In all, around thirty students will be part of the project. Full steam ahead!

France: 1st teachers’ meeting

During our first teachers’ meeting on Thursday 31st August, the teachers in the French team set out the main points for the coming few weeks, including how to launch the project, which classes would be involved in the French lycée, as well as the time slot for the work sessions with students.

What devotion! The teachers were hard at work before the term had even started!

An exciting new Erasmus+ project connecting schools from France, Germany, Poland and Spain